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Painting with Pure Original Lime Paint as a precision painter


My office space has had white walls for years, so when Pure & Original Paints were coming to Canada I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try out their paints on these walls.

Not only could I enjoy them myself, I would be able to practice my painting skills, and at the same time create a showroom for my clients.

First, I started out with Pure & Original wall prim, no lime paint without wall prim, that’s a rule. Since most people in Canada have drywall in their homes this is very important for perfect adherence of the lime paint. And I can’t stress enough, “clean your walls” this really is the single most important thing before even thinking of painting your walls with any paint.

The Wall Prim can be tinted in the same color as the Lime Paint, but when using lighter colors, you can also get away with using just the basic white Wall Prim. The wall only needs one coat of Wall Prim, you dilute it with 10% of water, and it’s very easy to apply with a roller.

And then the Lime Paint, it has kind of an earthy smell to it, it really smells like nature. It’s thick and needs to be diluted with water. I measured the paint and the percentage of water needed with measurement cups (yes, I am precise) although I have come to the point now that I pretty much add water as I see fit. Not too thin, you don’t want the paint to drip off your brush, but still thin enough that it’s easy and quick to apply.

Now, I already knew that Lime Paint needs to be applied using irregular strokes, but being a precision painter I started out with this big brush making, in my opinion, irregular strokes, but still trying to keep it neat and straight of course. When I was finished, I could see every brush stroke I did, the parts where I ended, the parts where I began, the parts where I got nervous. Oops, that wasn’t the result that I was going for at all!

Working away.

I knew right then and there that I had to throw my precision painting overboard, which wasn't easy, but you do get the hang of it, I must say.

Well, practice does make perfect, so I practiced, and as I got along I was successful in completing a gorgeous wall, (even after painting all over the place using irregular strokes and different widths), and still got beautiful results!

Now, don't be discouraged, do not think that it's really difficult to paint with Lime Paint, it's not. With the right instructions and tips, everyone can do it!

And yes, I sure feel like an expert now. I even developed my own technique with rounded brush strokes, which results in a cloudier look, (this can also be achieved by using a cross hatching method). But really, possibilities are endless, every technique will give a different effect.

The look and feel of this paint is so unique, paint that has been used for thousands of years gets new life breathed into it! And it's so great being part of that!

Next up... Yes, my client wants a Pure & Original Lime Paint wall!


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