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Hallway Revival featuring Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint.

What do you do when part of your house still has the old lath and plaster walls, but you don't want to go through the hassle (read dust, and lots of it) of removing them?

That was the question I got from my client.

These perfectly imperfect walls were not really smooth and had some repairs on them over the years. They were painted with regular paint, but that didn't make the cut anymore.

Fresco to the rescue!

There is something about Pure & Original's Fresco Lime Paint that makes it perfect for these imperfect walls. Because of the lime paint's unique characteristics, with its aged and washed look, and those subtle color variations will make it perfect for every wall, even the less than perfect ones.

My client chose the color 'North Sea Silt', a timeless neutral that really goes with everything. I used a rounded brush stroke technique, which results in a more cloudy effect.

This is such an easy technique, and because of the effects, the sometimes uneven surface of these walls are less noticeable and will give the wall that unmistakable look and feel of that old world charm.

My client wanted to have the wall sealed with Pure & Original's Dead Flat Eco Sealer to make it stain resistant and washable.

Unless the lime paint is used in a kitchen or bathroom I'm always a bit hesitant to apply a sealer, afraid that it will take away from the lime paint's unique features, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. The Dead Flat Eco Sealer has a very matte finish, it intensifies or warms up the color somewhat. It is also very easy to apply with a cloth, it went up like a dream.

It's amazing to see how an imperfect wall can transform to such a gorgeous, luxurious one.

And when your client calls you an artist...., that is such a great compliment, but of course I can't take all the credit for that, because it's Pure & Original's Lime Paint that adds so much character to any wall....


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