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Pure & Original Paint


Experience the elegance of rich colors and texture. Pure & Original carries a wide range of high-end, eco-friendly, and mineral paint finishes.


About the paint line

Pure & Original Paints is an independent brand and 
is produced in a renowned and family owned factory, proudly producing paints to the highest, professional and environmentally friendly standard for more than 50 years. Products are developed with experience and care, followed by thorough testing before being offered to the customer.


My Projects

Since I started working with this specialty paint I have done several projects, from whole rooms to fireplace surrounds and accent walls.

I've learned by doing and developed my own techniques. Depending on the size and scope of the project I do the work myself or can connect you with other paint companies who tackle the larger projects.



There are so many inspirational projects to view. See for yourself and get inspired for your next project. More and more designers world wide are starting to work with this product, and some of the best painters out there are doing a tremendous job applying it for you.

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