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It all starts with an in-home consultation, where we will discuss your wishes, ideas and personal taste and style.

This will be my starting point, from there I will develop a plan, and together we will go through every single detail. You will receive a complete interior plan which may include floor plans, presentation boards, color advice, furniture selection, lighting, flooring and fabric choices. 



Choosing the right colors can be quite a challenge. But don't worry, I'm here to help you.

By using color fans, we will look at wall colors and see how not only different colors but also different paint types can influence the mood, look, and feel of a room. 



Even when your house is finished, colors are selected, furniture is bought, and you're pleased with what you have created, but you still feel that something is missing. Styling advice is the solution. I will give you tips about how you can create a different mood and feel by working with lighting, decorations, pillows and throws.



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